Thiruvalanjuli Gurubiran Gnana Arulalar life history with MahaGuru Gnana vallal Paranjothi Mahan.

Present Thiruvalanjuli Meignana Arulalar born on 19.10.1933 at Udayar Palayam, Ariyalur district for the couple of Meithiru Sheik Mohideen and Rokiah Beevi.

He was married his wife meithiru Rani Samsad Begam on 3.10.1974, he has two daughters namely Murshitha Begam and Munnera Begam born on 01.09.1984,02.06.1986 respectively. But the second daughter is no more.

Generally, Gnana Arulalar has much affectionate and kind hearted to all people.

Even at his young age he had enquired about the right explanation of GOD. He always does his duty with such a great pleasure in mood. Anybody discussing related religion and history of GOD, he would arise more questions to them. He did not get much satisfaction about their answer.
Most of his questions were who is GOD? Where he lives? How shall I meet him? The religious’ leaders were answered about the stories of god were not satisfied him. Everybody’s answer was based on fully imaginary stories with hypothesis. He disliked such an imaginary based answer.
Hence, his inner heart was searching the realism about GOD. On that event of his young age at his native place of Udayar Palayam,, the great Maha Guru Gnana Vallal Paranjothi Mahan had visited his place. Gnana Arulalar had an opportunity to meet him directly and attracted by Mahan’s magnetic force like merciful eyes on him.

Finally , the Dhiksha creating Kundalini power offered by Maha Guru to Gnana Arulalar. In Due course of time, he has realizing the greatness of self- realization through higher meditation , the Kundlini power has giving the greatness of feelings in his fore head. There, he is getting his answer for all his question. `
Really he is much admiring on Mahan Guru’s activities, previously, he had lot of questions about “GOD”, and nobody was answering him properly. But, after his meeting with Maha Guru through Dhisha given by him, later he has acquiring the greatness of “WISDOM”. The WISDOM gives description about enlightened higher status of knowledge with appropriate details. He has fully involving Mahan’s philosophy with practical experience by long day of meditation with him.
Since 1957, he has completely surrender under his guidelines and following his principles as a prime disciples up to his IKIAM (UNIFY). Nearly about 22 to 23 years spend with Maha Guru and grasping his full efficiency of Knowledge through long meditation.

Gnana Arulalar has recognized his old memories with Mahan one by one. Of them few memories are of importance is Ikiam of Mahan.

It was happened at Thiruvalanjuli, when Mahan was departure from his Sabai towards Pondicherry on1.1.1981, at 8.20 AM that day was his last trip from Thiruvalanjuli to Pondicherry. Mahan stopped his car at the entrance of gate told Gnana Arulalar that there was a place adjacent to his Sabai (Neighbour place) measuring about 18 feet breadth and 250 feet length crowded by shrubs, would be a prominent place for him(Gnana Arulalar), come back there settle his life in the same site adjacent to his place

At once Arulalar replied at him that he have sufficient and convenient place at his native and after that he asked him that what was his duty there? Mahan replied at him that there would be a duty waiting him. Immediately Arulalar responded with his words and said that he would be ready to settle there as early as possible.

The great Mahan’s unity (IKIAM) has been a historical event of unforgettable memories. After that as per the Mahan’s instruction he was settled in the same place which had already been indicated by Mahan. He is celebrating great Guru Mahan Paranjothi’s three important functions especially he has been giving much importance to Jayanthi day, and “DAWN OF WISDOM DAY of MAHAN”.
Later Arulalar had decided to purchase that land to develop the Sabai at Thiruvalanjali little by little they have developed a building in the year 1990-1991, where Arulalar conducted meditation classes, Sathsanga event etc.

Now he has giving much immense his gratitude towards the disciples and other persons who were accompanied with him for the construction of buildings for both financial support as well as physical hard work.

Thiruvalanjuli Gurubiran Gnana Arulalar has been conducting many Sathsanga(combined meditation), meditation practice at the evening time of every SUNDAY and full moon day of every month .

Moreover ,due to the Mahan’s blessing more members of people are joining day by day in his Thiruvalanjuli saba. The Thiruvalanjuli Sabai has acting as a main Sabai and its branches are also developing in various places.

If there will be a person willing to join or to get Dhisha and Gnana Thava practice can be registered in the following address.

The World peace Sanctuary
2/518, Thanjavur main road,
Thiruvalanjuli 612302
Kumbakonam (TK),
Tamil Nadu SouthIndia