Mahan’s life history ‘UNIT’ event was the high light and UNIQUE in nature. As a prime disciple of Mahan, Gnana Arulalar has explained his personal experience with Maha Guru’s last episode of UNITY i.e., IKIAM of his last journey of mingle with nature.

Mahan’s last journey of unity (unity means unification in universe) that is called IKIAM in Tamil language was decided by him even before two years. Previously he felt his unification, due to that he was travelling in many countries like Malaysia, Singapore and other nations. Throughout India, he visited all places and directly met his disciples blessed them with all success. During the time of his visit, he was showing his kindness and spell out the melted words along with caution.

Arulalar has expressed his inner feelings of Mahan’s great things when it was happened in the last event of Mahan’s life.

Exactly on 16.11.1980, Mahan who was eagerly arranged his dawn of wisdom day (Sunday) at Thiruvalanjuli Sabai, near Kumbakonam. But that function was really differ from other usual function. He was organized that function in a highlight way and showed his fullest happiness along with all disciples by a enthusiastic in mood. At the time of his golden speech when on stage, deliberated his sentences that he had a plan of “MUKTHI” means mingle with nature as his own desired. That event was generally called as IKIAM (or) Unification in universe. He was speaking with his disciples indicating his unification by the way of symbolic representation of double notified words.

During the memorable days, 28, 29 to 30th December in 1980, he was checked up entire body by his doctors through various technique and finally doctor was certified him that there was no disease at all everything was quite normal in function. After that check up Mahan was ready to prepare his trips towards to Pondicherry by train on 1.1. 1981. Mahan called our Gurubiran Gnana Arulalar by telegraph and letter. As per his instruction our Gurubiran also accompanied with him for Pondicherry visit Mahan’s health had also been thoroughly co-operating with him.

On 6.1.1981, Mahan’s was continuously discussed with Gnana Arulalar. Few hour later, Mahan was openly stated that everything will end, I shall finish my journey, time will pass in smooth way. What is the meaning of above stated means that he was ready to prepare for his last journey.

In connection with this incident, on 7.1.1981, As usual he read news paper from daily paper “DINA MANI” and folded the news paper in his hand and stated that his last journey will publish in next day. Really they (“DINA MANI” news paper) published that news next day.

As usual he had been done his normal duties, from his exact memory at 10.45 Am, there was a letter written from Erode Sabai was completely read by him and told Ganan Arulalar to verify the letter thoroughly and rectified its error of the sentences prescribed in those letter. Really, maximum Mahan has been involving correction process directly. But it was the last letter which was not checked by him.

Next day i.e., on 7.1.1981, exactly at 11 o clock he was closely looked at Gnana Arulalar face asked him look at his face, then said that was he look better? Arulalar immediately replied him that no doubt he was so good.

In connection with this event Mahan dialogued with him, when I departure from here, don’t cry and politely instructed him as usual proceed your duty without worry. He spoke symbolic with him by a symbolic way of expression that he would mingle with nature as he instructed previously.

Now, Gurupiran Gnana Arulalar explained the details of last journey of Mahan that was Mahan’s chest was suffered by slight cold, than he feared about that cold would affect his throat also. Hence, totally, he bent his knee and kneel down at his back side of Mahan conveniently bore his (MAHANS) total body on his chest.

As per the forecast instruction given by great Mahan on 7.1.1981, forenoon exactly at 11.11 o’ clock on Wednesday, Mahan ended his life in unity. Later, Mahan body brittle Dekam submitted to Chennai, universal peace sanctuary by Gnana Arulalar.

On 8.1.1981, Thursday evening at 7.30pm in “81,T.H Road , No 4, Vannara Tollgate“ at his own place the ’ universal peace sanctuary’ there was a remarkable place selected and they were also obtained Government permission , then Mahan’s brittle atom content “GNANA DEKAM” was buried under the same place.

Here Gnana Arulalar has explained about his “IKIAM” event in a significant way. The identification of unity with nature has also been a unique one. There was a special greatness of Mahan’s self realization; it was possible to recognizing his own time of last journey on earth. Simultaneously, he was such a great man to diminishing his body directly to the luster of universe without anybody’s identification. But he did not like to precede such a method of disappearances

Actually, he had such an omnipotent of power that he could be done the great unity of process with universe without identification of others were not done by him, because that there was a reason behind that incident. Hence, He took a strong decision that he would leave his extreme brittles of body or Gnana Dekam on earth.

The supreme nature of his original divinity soul has been always enlightened with eternal power. Because, his own inner eternal power obtained by severe meditation of him spread as sensational “Diksha feelings are always mingle with all his disciples feelings”. Hence, his supreme bliss never ends. It has surviving as a real happiness at its everlasting with nature.

The continuous action of routine meditation by the disciples like chain reaction that brittleness of everlasting Mahan’s efficiency of feelings survives thought the life of universe. It is never end that was boldly announced by great Gnana vallal Paranjothi Mahan.