1. Yeh,Flower and flowers of my heart
All those happened are for good

2. Before awareness combined with repentance realization and faith worries and sickness vanish enon.

3. Man is superior on account of his superiority in knowledge and morality.

4. The earth is the support for the body
Patience is the support for the family
Love is support for the knowledge
Guru is the support for practice and mercy.

5. All our thoughts never consider about the evil things
All evill things should not affect our life
Our pure hearted activities will help them to eradicate their bad things and finally purify them.

6. Don’t allow ignorance will defeat knowledge
Defeat the ignorance with your knowledge

7. Self-knowledge wish to observe all facts in its front
But the same knowledge will get more fear about to learn himself.
With the help of self-knowledge realizing himself and it is leads to him.

8. Knowledgeble person never forget their love and affection
Once realized their life never consider about other ‘s appreciation
Those who are realizing kundalini power have never worship external things.

9. God becomes man
The man by his super knowledge realizes himself (as God) enlightened ones

10. Life is given by both father and mother
Enjoyable life is shared by both husband and wife
Love and affection is shared by both male and female
Knowledge can be shared only by Guru.

''நடந்ததெல்லாம் பெரும்நன்மைக்கே சந்தோஷம்''