imageThe universal peace sanctuary”the main center of Gnana Thava Salai” was founded by the great Gnana vallal Paranjothi Mahan who evenly distributed his wisdom of knowledge as their desired level to all categories of people throughout the world apart from their caste, religion and language.

The great Mahaguru Gnana vallal Paranjothi Mahan was born on 2.05.1900 in a respectable family for the couple of Syad Ibrahim and Munnsha Beevi in a village called Kansapuram situated in Srivilliputhur Taluka, Ramnad district in Tamil Nadu.

Mahan has been travelled throughout the world in several times and contributed his enlighted power attained by him through gnana Medidated yoga disha . He also explained the details about the philosophical meaning of “God“ and nature to all type of people. Later, He was patronized by public and called him as “Gnana Vallal”

Mahan in his early hood of life, had lost his father so, he could not able to learn his basic education in young age. But his extreme in range of devotional feelings and unlimited amount of desireness of searching about god with high intensified courageness and of his firmness of stands in searching of secret of god were ideally lead him in his early life .

Once he was lived in India especially on that occasion of special day 11.11.1911, the whole country celebrated their king’s crowned day on that day he asked a question to a aged (high) experienced man that what was the Importance of celebration of that day? Suddenly he (old man) answered him that the king was a great above all people due to that reason, everybody were celebrating in their country. Immediately he questioned at him who was a greater than king? ‘God’ answered by him. At once he added another one question was it possible to see God by him? Astonished by that question and the old man with smiling and appreciated him then said why not? If he would take much effort then he could see God.

Immediately Mahan’s thought were full of searching of god .At that time of his analysis about “GOD” that day was remarked as “Birth day of Gnana” to him. From that day onwards he had been taken more efforts and involved exercise by a various devotional activities were ended as without use.

Once the same Burma called as Rangoon , There was a diamond merchant called Syad Ibrahim who was a native of India from Hydrabad Deccan Bijapur , was a great scholar in veda were become close friend with our Gnana vallal . After a very long time both were combined with close together rigorously argued about “GOD” and its philosophy frequently or oftenly. Like mined of two persons were shared their views, on that occasion that diamond merchant were touched on his (Mahan’s)fore head passed his feelings and preached about thanthrika Yoga practice to him on 7.1.1938 at night exactly 11 .11 o clock.

From that day onwards, there was a great change in our Mahan’s life. He was realized the great things of supreme knowledge and supreme bliss of feelings with high flow of external love and affection. Later he was observed an enlightened power, eternal wisdom of higher efficiency of knowledge, philosophical details about universe and secret of kundalini power i.e., about I GOD.
He had been getting his vision with the help of his own effort taken by him through various analytical methods of practices, and then he was evaluated by all as a great Guru.

During the year1939, he came to his native state of Tamil Nadu and he was stayed at Madurai for the reason of spreading his interesting subject about Meditation Practice and personal inspired knowledge about I GOD (The Secret meaning of GOD). After the great explanation of the meaning of Gnana and its basic technique of ‘Thava’ through various practices conducted by our great Gnani Gnana vallal Paranjothi Mahan , the people of Madurai were given much respect to him.

In 1941 the great Mahan started a higher Gnana (wisdom) Sabai at Madurai; a piece of land was also purchased by him. Later, He founded the universal peace sanctuary at his own land in Madurai in the year1947, 20th July.

He visited Chennai in the year 1943, was purchased a land for the main meditation center called universal peace sanctuary. In 1946, was laid a foundation for its own building.
Surely, In due course of time, by the coming years the wisdom of our Gnana vallal Paranjothi

Mahan’s higher efficiency of knowledge will be widely pertaining in this world. It has mostly reached to all people and it gives universal peace to them.