World Philosophy

Paranjothi mahan’s  great philosophical words were evolved only from his effect of divinity of wisdom attained by him by his great gnana thavam(medidation) .

He had suggested that which is the seat of all desires,that which is uncreated and incapable of creating that which is not matter, that which is inseparably present both inside and outside of every object is darkness.


You must know that far beyond  the three fold nothingness there is  the darkness of the greatest vaccum.

Hence, Mahan  denoted that  twenty philosophical principle of God were evolved one by one.
Darkness  is one of God’s  principles;

Nine great principles of God;

  1.  As ‘I’ or potential energy
  2. As thought, the all pervasive consciousness
  3. As  the speedy of sound
  4. As the   the light and heat of sun
  5.  As the ethereal sphere of atoms   
  6. As  water
  7. As  earth
  8. As  air
  9. As fire

The bodies of the living creature are made out of the light of fire,ie., fourth principles  and such bodies are destroyed by fire ie,. the nineth principle.  Of these nine principle two can be caught by the land and they are water and earth.

Five are capable of being perceived by senses and they are sound,light,sky air and fire.
Two are Intellectual, consciousness and thought.
Further it may be seen that the sixth  and seventh principles are endowed with shapes and forms and all the other seven principles are formless.
All these nine principles are great by their expansion and all pervasiveness.  Hence they are indestructible and imperishable.


Five small principle of God;

  1.  As beings living in water
  2. As  vegetation
  3. As those that crawl and creep
  4. As those that walk and move like men and quadrupeds and
  5. As birds


All these five appear and perish, perish and reappear.

There will be a peace in this world if there is a  war between the nine principles, five( kinds of living beings) and six(kinds of tastes) is balanced.  This peace is disturbed sometimes resulting in danger if there is inequality among them.
Thatswhy, human beings can performing their administration by his duty.  Because of those mutual co-operation in all above said of action, the world administration runs smooth.
Our paranjothi Mahan’ s great wisdom of thoughts which were evolved in all direction of research conducted from his great brain had concluded that above stated status researched and analysed .


THE KUNDALINI POWER:  The Kundalini deeksha given under auspices of the UNIVERSAL PEACE SANCTUARY  elevates  everyone  God to the status of God.  Knowledge of the self,which is normally obtained by increase intense practice.

Kundalini is greatest power beyond the devotion,yoga and health practices.  Super knowledge can come at once and receive the upadesha kundalini power leading to awareness of self realization.

How do we get guru upadesha? Our Guru will touch our forehead and rise the elevated power of kundalini power from the bottom of vertebral colomn  to the forehead.  This is called Guru upadesha.

Then awareness begins to increase in the forehead.  As we concentrating on the inside of the forehead all times, a great happiness of feelings begins to be received in the forehead.
Our gure will give deeksha in three  stages.
First stage :  Already as the above stated  first stage has been completed.

Second stage:   After two or three days of first stage, there should be a sensational feelings of happiness  is  created in our head.  Later  a cocanut size imaginary  little pain has been created due to the reason of first stage touched by guru.  A kind of magnetic power starts to rise from muladhara (a Base of backbone) to the forehead through the vertebral column instantaneously.  Hence the second stage of kundalini power of deeksha will be given by guru to open a path of travel of kundalini power from top to base of backbones  through which keep on concentrating at the base area, we can feel  the heaviness of head becomes reducing little by little.  Later, we would feel free  of nature.

Third stage:  Third stage is as such of the same procedure of first stage that is kundalini power has been again raised from base of vertebral column to upper area of head.  Due to this process, a clear opening  path has been formed in both basal area of vertebral column to top forehead.   Hence the highly elevated power of kundalini  has been possible to travel from lower to higher then top head to base level.    It will be practicing  by the each and every one of disciples  for twenty one days is very much important.

What is the benefit of kundalini power upadesha by guru?

When we can concentrating on continuous process of kundalini medidation  nearly about  15 minutes every day morning  and evening time we shall get enormous happiness.  Due to this  we would escape from all disease like diabetics,hyper tension etc., It will also give peacefulness to our mind.  Such a kind of medidation will give extra power for our both mind and body meanwhile the great boldness will develop and give strong decision power to mind.

If anybody wish to get kundalini deeksha kindly visit our Gurubiran Gnana Arulalar sabai at thiruvalanjuli near kumbakonam , Thanjavur district.