Mahan Gnana vallal gained higher experience in Gnana (wisdom) has been distributed to people’s are as follows.



1. There is a great sensational touch of his Dhiksha Gives supreme bliss (higher enthusiam) by upadesa or initiation of Kundalini power to all people without differentiation.

2. During the past era, for the long duration of years the faithfull prayer was done by the people were not able to identify its realism. But great Guru Gnana vallal Paranjothi Mahan ideally searched and finally achieved the yoga Dava Gnana. He attained such a great level of ‘Thiana yoga’ of success only by the enthusiastic feelings which were created inside of his forehead called “Third eye of man”. It was possible by him through deep meditation which were constantly giving a continuous rhythm of feelings like ocean’s tide had vibrate as waves and moved between inside of fore head to mid point of central brain.
Finally the great philosophical book called “I GOD(secret power of kundalini) written by him was gifted to the world. This book containing the whole experience of him.

3. Whoever might be his disciples wherever they lived,when they were affected at any cost of dangerous immediately observed by Gnana vallal through his enlightened power of vision and removed their worries and permanently retained their happiness to them was greatness of our MahaGuru.

4.When the year 1941-1942 there was a great second world war was an extreme in condition, By his noble vision of thoughts through which he was identified and explained that there would be a victory for all people at the end of war, Hence, he had printed the letter ‘V’ for victory and pasted it on walls of places for the public notification and also printed the “world peace document” prepared by him was also submitting in common wealth conference held at ----- through our late prime minister Pandit Jawarhall Nehru . Hence the second world was ended immediately.

5.During the time of 28.10.1962, there was a serious situation emerged out between Indo-China war, during that experimental occasion Mahan was explained that they would never fought against each other. And at the end of stage they would show their intensified relationship each other. So, he asked the political leader, please make peace and (political leader) kindly avoid war and ignore the situation. Later the political leader of two nations was adopted the same way by Mahan’s world and finally it was ended as a peaceful manner without any harmness in both countries.

During the period of 4.5.1962 that there was a great confusion expelled out from the people due to the reason of the warning instruction given by the scientist about the eight planets will unite in a single straight line would lead to effect of great demolish on earth globe were reached to the people. It was notified by Mahan had announced that to the public at any cost earth globe will not get any demolish and it never gives destruction at any of reason. Such a enthusiastic bolded answer was interestingly touched the every human heart. They were completely got rid of their fearness and lived happily due to Mahan’s word.